Quick corset sewing update

cutting corset lining

Today will just be a really quick update on the corset sewing progress.

I selected a few pieces of scrap fabric to use for the lining. Since it won’t show and I found some robust fabrics that won’t stretch I didn’t feel the need to invest in expensive coutil when making this one. Sturdy scrap fabrics have worked fine with the ones I have sewn before as well.
cotton layer for corset lining
An old pillowcase and a piece of very thin wool from my medieval garb will make it strong and hopefully not too extremely hot. My previous stage costume was made out of thicker materials and I survived the stage lights in that one. Small note: cotton is generally better than wool for corset making since it doesn’t stretch, but since it will be the middle layer it is held in place by the two other layers of cotton that I’m using.
corset sewing middle layer
So I’m off to ironing the pieces, cut them (remind me to remember the seam allowance!) and then talk nicely to my sewing machine so that it behaves during the sewing process.

Wish me luck!

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