Raw coastlines, industrial black metal & cake

Swedish west coast by Kode

Next stop on my journey was the Swedish west coast where I spent a week hanging out with friends and working on new tracks for Diabolicum.

The west coast of Sweden has a different character from the eastern archipelago of Stockholm which I had more contact with when growing up. It has something rawer to it, a more sea-like smell and the cliffs and vegetation have a different shape.

Shoreline West coast of Sweden

I really enjoyed having access to this view just a couple of minutes walk from where I was working during those days. Calm & desolate.

Oyster on a rock

Found some oysters, crabs and various mussels along the shore and even a piece of amber that I’ll make something out of later.

oyster and sea weed

I took the shell of this one home.

Diabolicum Keyboard

We hammered away some new keyboard lines and

Diabolicum guitar

continued working on some existing bass and guitar riffs. We also managed to record vocal drafts for two tracks.

Diabolicum altar

In the corner of Studio Likfarmen is a small “altar” with old photos of Gorgorium and Sasrof form the 1990’s and the Ia Pazuzu deluxe album edition.

Effects rack at Studio Likfarmen

Nerdy studio pic. 😉 On the table hides the synthesizer used to generate most of the sounds in the old recordings.

Birthday cake Gorgorium

Last day of my stay it was Gorgorium’s birthday. Of course I had to make a birthday cake! It turned out really nice and was a great ending to a great week in this beautiful area. Then off I went direction Småland…

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