Recipe 16: Sesame Bread

This sesame bread works perfectly when you want to serve a lighter meal such as a soup, or if you have a few friends invited over for a party and need a nice looking bread to accompany cheeses or some nice bread spreads. If you’re only a few people eating I recommend making half the recipe [...]

17th November 2016

Recipe 15: Teaspoon cookies

Creative October is full on here but I felt like mixing up this month a bit with a new recipe. Well, not very new to be honest. It’s actually a classic recipe of cookies often served for Christmas in the north of Sweden, but I had never tried making them myself. Teaspoon cookies are, just [...]

13th October 2016

Recipe 14: Berry Pie – quick and simple

I know the title of the recipe says berry pie, but I went with what was available in the store this time. My version is a fruit and berry mix of peaches and blueberries, which turned out great. I found it really tasty and refreshing with a bit of acidic fruits since the dough in this pie recipe is [...]

18th August 2016

Blueberry Sunrise

On hot summer days when the sun is shining bright you might just want something tropical looking, tasty and refreshing to drink – but not necessarily with alcohol. Ever been to a bar and asked for an alcohol free drink? Yeah… they aren’t always that creative, tasty or fun. So I [...]

16th June 2016

Recipe 13: Pasta sauce

Another recipe from the old cookbook from Småland. I guess this pasta sauce felt a bit “exotic” at the time since it contains corn, but today I guess it would pass as something to cook any day of the week. The rating I would give this one is a 3+. It’s OK, but nothing amazing [...]

9th June 2016

Recipe 12: Rhubarb crumble

This is a true Swedish classic. Rhubarb crumble is perfect to make right now when the rhubarb is rather “young” and not too woody. The crumble can be used for more or less any kind of berries or fruits that are in season. Fun fact – rhubarb is not a fruit, it’s a vegetable. [...]

23rd May 2016

Recipe 11: Simple fish soup

This quick and simple fish soup will warm you on a cool day. This time I had two help chefs assisting me in the kitchen. We talked about starting to rate the recipes and give some more of our opinions on them. Not all of what is presented in this old Swedish cookbook are recipes that I would [...]

19th May 2016

Recipe 10 – Quick and simple 4 ingredient meatloaf

Today it’s cooking time for lazy people again. I have no clue who “Hubbe” was, but he sure knew how to cook a delicious meatloaf dish with very simple means. I laughed a bit when seeing the ingredient onion soup powder in the recipe, but I quickly figured out that it’s [...]

22nd January 2016

Recipe 9 – Rimbobullar (Rimbo buns) with cinnamon

Rimbobullar belong to my absolute favorite Swedish pastries. They are quite simple to make, but take a bit of time since they need to rest for around two hours. Meanwhile you can do something else, just like the woman who invented them. The story goes that Ingrid Bohman in Rimbo was getting her [...]

18th December 2015

Recipe 8 – Swedish gingerbread

In Sweden the 9th of December is the gingerbread day (pepparkakans dag) so if you wish to celebrate that, here is a good recipe to get started. This idea was create a few years ago by Annas, one of the largest manufacturers of gingerbread in Sweden. Apparently they’re making a limited edition [...]

4th December 2015

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