Luxury shrimp omelet recipe

Short on time but still want to cook something with a touch of luxury? Try this shrimp omelet recipe! An omelet is super simple to whip up when you’re short on time. This shrimp omelet recipe is tasty enough to serve to guests at a brunch or lighter dinner. Or just enjoy it all on your own [...]

1st September 2015

Sweets for my sweet…Sockerchock!

Preparing the sugar attack for Sunday. I’m inviting some people over for a small winter solstice celebration. I have been doing this for the last eight or nine years now so it’s definitely something I can call a tradition. Usually it has just been me alone or with a couple of friends [...]

17th December 2014

Mulled Wine – Glögg in three different varieties

Here are three recipes of mulled wine that I have developed through experimenting with different types of wine and spices over the years. It’s the perfect winter drink for evenings in front of the fireplace. I used to sell these three types in my previous project Quinta da Mandrágora in [...]

27th November 2014

Baked Red Kuri Squash

Halloween may have already passed, but even if this looks like a pumpkin, the Red Kuri is actually a type of winter squash. The cool thing about it is that you can eat the peel too, which makes it easier to prepare than most pumpkins. Here is a recipe that I improvised a while ago when I got this [...]

20th November 2014

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