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olive tree in paper bag - gift from fattoria la vialla

Various tomato seeds

Last weekend I ordered some new seeds to try out a few new plants and other varieties in my compact garden. Among others I ordered some different types of tomatoes that seem interesting. The first one is a large variety from Siberia called “Tschernij Prinz” bearing dark red to blackish fruits. It should be robust and tolerate the strong temperature variations on my terrace.
Tschernij Prinz - Siberian tomato variety
Next up is a funny type called “Dattelwein” since it has a date like shape. It’s yellow and should also be relatively robust and grow well without a greenhouse. Let’s see how these guys will like the terrace garden life.
Dattelwein Tomato
Edible flowers is something I find really nice to add to a salad as a beautiful and surprising effect. Their bright colors should also attract insects to pollinate the other plants in the garden.
Edible Flowers seeds
For once I’m going a bit against my “only edible plants” policy in the garden and added a couple of Narcissus and Primula since it was looking so empty and boring out there on the terrace right now.
Mini Narcissus
They don’t take up much space anyway and give that first spark of color in spring.
Blue primula

A surprise tree

One of the best surprises of the week was the little olive tree I received as a gift. I ordered a catalog from Fattoria la Vialla a few days ago since they seem to have some very nice organic products that I want to try. I had expected the print catalog to come in a small envelope, but was met by a package in the mailbox and wondered what that was all about.
One year old olive tree in a pot
Once I opened it I found that they had added a very nice little surprise in the form of a young olive tree! That made me really happy. 🙂 Now let’s hope that I manage to keep the little tree alive in its new pot. According to the instructions it shouldn’t be too hard as long as not watering it too much. This is how you do effective marketing that actively contributes with something good for the environment.

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