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High goals

So I said I would reveal a bit more about the goal with this blog. As you can see in the description about me I work with translations, copy writing and voice-over. But I have also revealed some of my other interests such as historical handicrafts, music, Permaculture, food/drinks, philosophy, alchemy etc. A bunch of different subjects that I want to do more with.

In Portugal I ran a small project where I held a few workshops and had my garden. I’m working on getting something like that started again and in a few weeks time you’ll start to see the fruits of that here in the blog in the form of tutorials, courses being announced and some related products.

I would like to tell you about the long-term goals.

My dream is to once again have a property where I can hold courses and have a Permaculture garden. I want it to become a small course center for the themes mentioned above + a small holiday rental and organize cultural events. All with an old school flair and an aesthetic influenced by alchemy.
High goals

My heureka moment the other day was realizing that I can do as good as all of what I want already, without having the property. I was stuck on the idea of having to have something of my own, but it’s not really needed to get started. There are great possibilities where I am to rent places when holding courses and do local collaborations.

While working on that I’ll be working on the project planning for managing to get a property of my own, but I believe it’s an advantage showing that the business model and ideas hold up to standard first, without putting myself in debt. It would also be far easier to get investors if needed.

So there you go. Those are my 5 year plans.

Might not seem like a big deal, but whoever knows the cost of properties in this region will say I’m a bit crazy.

Crazy would be aiming for taking over a castle. So maybe that’s what I SHOULD aim for….hmm….

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