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Challenge your fears

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Today I present to you the flyer for the event I’m organizing in Pforzheim, Germany on March 19th 2016. It’s going to take place in a cozy bar with stone vaults called Pfeifedeggl (their website appears to not have been updated for the last 15 years or so, but I assure you it’s a cool place).

At the event I will play live for the first time (officially) with my experimental black metal / dark ambient project V-kaos. It feels quite scary since it’s a very personal project and I will be all alone on stage. But it’s something I feel I really need and want to do. I hope the audience will appreciate it as well – or else they/you will have to escape to the bar part and listen to Iron Maiden, Rainbow and other more classical rock and metal bands that you usually hear from the stereo there.
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Originally I wanted to live-stream the event, but it won’t be possible due to not having a fast enough Internet connection at the location + lack of time to organize the technical bit. I intend to have the event filmed and then upload it to the event site afterwards.

There is still space for one or two more music acts if anyone is interested in participating. The idea behind this is to have different forms of culture and expression come together to create a different and very special evening.
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The theme of the evening is “Challenge your fears” which was chosen since several of the participating artists have expressed a fear of rejection, of failure and of standing on a stage with something they care for deep inside. It’s a good chance to take if you feel you want to share something with others, but you’re not sure that you have what it takes. We know how that feels and truly aim for creating an environment where you’re free to express yourself without rejection.

I hope that some of you guys out there will be able to join and if not, you’ll have the chance to check it out later in video format.

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