Sustainable living – 5 tips to get you started

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Sustainable living - free e-book download

We all know we need to start living more sustainable to make sure this earth remains a green and flourishing planet to live on. But many of us don’t know where to start.

Some have the idea that you need to start a hippie life out in the woods to help turn things around, but I want to show that you can get started without having to lower your standard of life. You can make better and more conscious choices on how you consume and how you lead your everyday life that will have a positive impact on the environment as well as your own life.

Here are five of my favorite tips from my free e-book with 50 tips on sustainable living. Sign up here to get the full book.

The idea with the book is to give you simple steps you can take to get started on your path towards living greener. The tips are joined up with hands-on tasks you can use to go from knowledge to real action.

So let’s get started!
Green organic tomatoes

5 sustainable living tips

  1. Start buying more organic and local food. If you can’t do anything else, at least start with this. You influence the market with your wallet. When I go shopping in a supermarket I have a simple rule. If there’s an organic alternative available in the store I buy that product. If you have a local farmer’s market – go there! Support the people that actively provide you with food that has traveled shorter distances. My bet is that they will have produce that is superior to the food you find in the supermarket.

    Task: Write down a few products you can start buying organic next time you go shopping or follow my method and select organic whenever available.

    Bonus task: Check where your nearest farmer’s market is and schedule a day to go there.
  2. Switch for natural/eco-friendly cleaning products next time you buy them. You actually only need a few ones to cover the needs of your household. Products based on vinegar, citric acid, classic soap or baking soda work just as well as chemical products – some of them even better. If you want them to smell nicer, buy some ethereal oils of choice. More and more professional cleaning companies primarily work with eco-labelled detergents + microfiber cloths and mops. If that works good enough for them it should be good enough for you as well.

    Task: Select eco-labelled cleaning products next time you go shopping.
  3. Cleaning grater in tub with wood brush and natural degergent

  4. Switch for LED lights wherever possible. The range of LED lamps has broadened a lot the last years and you can now find LED’s for almost any socket. You can save up to 80% electricity on using LED’s instead of traditional light bulbs. I recommend selecting these over so called “power saving lights” for three reasons. Power saving lights spend more electricity, don’t last as long as LED’s and they contain heavy metals. Many of them also take up to a couple of minutes before reaching full light strength.

    Task: Buy LED lamps next time you need to switch a light at home (don’t throw out your existing ones as long as they work).
  5. Buy a sustainable drinking mug / drinking bottle – preferably glass, porcelain or stainless steel. Bring it to your local cafe and ask them to use this instead (some big chains even sell their own). Much better than water in plastic bottles and coffee in paper mugs.

    Task: Buy one of the products mentioned above or just start bringing a mug you already have at home or save a glass bottle from a food item you buy with your groceries.
  6. Switch for reusable sponges and wipes instead of using cotton and paper disposables. Just toss them in with your laundry and they’re good to go for your next wash.

    Task: Buy or make your own washable cleansing pads (Love the planet have ready ones or you can find instructions here on how to make your own.)

Natural cosmetics in glass bottles and reusable cleansing wipes from Love the Planet.

Where can I learn more?

These were just 5 quick tips to get you started. Sign up below to get another 45 tips in a practical workbook format where you can add your own notes and start taking action!

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Sustainable living - 5 tips to give you a kick-start on your path towards a greener life + a free e-book download with 45 more tips on sustainable living!

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