Sweets for my sweet…Sockerchock!

Winter solstice celebration

Sugar attack

Preparing the sugar attack for Sunday.

I’m inviting some people over for a small winter solstice celebration. I have been doing this for the last eight or nine years now so it’s definitely something I can call a tradition. Usually it has just been me alone or with a couple of friends having a dinner + a small ceremony later at night to say farewell to the old year and focus on the wishes for the coming one.

Call it a pagan celebration or what you want. I don’t like labeling things in the ordinary way. There are many reasons why I choose to do this and I invite people with widely different views for it hoping it will bring them a small chance for a yule celebration without presents – just some nice drinks and sweets and the chance to focus forward (with whatever intentions).

Since we’re going to be too many for me to cook for everyone this time I’m preparing some Swedish classics: glögg, kokostoppar, rimbobullar, pepparkakor, havrekakor and äppelkaka. This time, dear English readers, you need to translate/find the recipes all on your own.

Sugar attack

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