How to bind a book

In this article I’m showing you how to bind a book using whatever paper you have at hand and just a few tools that most people have at home. I don’t claim in any way to be a skilled bookbinder – this is just a simple technique I know that works perfect for making smaller notebooks [...]

29th September 2016

The rebel farmer – book tip

The last days I have been reading a very inspiring book called The Rebel Farmer by Sepp Holzer (I’m reading it in the original German language where the title is Der Agrar-Rebell). This book describes how he has fought his way through life building up an amazing farm high up in the Austrian [...]

16th February 2016

Compact gardening – Part 10

Here you can find links, videos,¬†book tips and other resources that can help you in your compact gardening. This article is a living document which will be continuously updated when coming across more good resources. You’re more than welcome to contribute with links to useful articles, [...]

14th August 2015