Compact gardening

5 Gardening Mistakes I made in 2015

Here are a few things I learned during the first serious gardening season on my terrace. Previously I have been cultivating on land and in easily movable pots in a quite different climate. Here in Germany I’m on a rooftop terrace with a mix of fixed (at least for the season) garden beds and [...]

11th August 2015

Compact gardening – Part 9

Today I will give you a step by step process which you can use when designing a new garden or if you want to update an existing one. Tools you will need: Color pens, paper, ruler or a garden design system on your computer – whichever you prefer. A long measuring tape or folding rule is also [...]

16th July 2015

Compact gardening – Part 8

If you live in an apartment without a garden, terrace or balcony you probably think there is very little you can do to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Think again! There are some really smart methods out there that anyone can use. At least anyone that can afford electricity, a small water pump [...]

19th June 2015

Compact gardening – Part 7

Nature has all you need to be able to provide your plants with the required nutrients and to protect them from weeds and pests. Through designing pro-actively and trying to fit in as much biological variety as possible in your system you prevent many pests from establishing themselves. In this [...]

12th June 2015

Compact gardening – Part 6

One of the key principles of working with Permaculture is to make the least possible invasive impact to your garden (or other eco-) system. Digging or re-structuring landscaping should only be made where it is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired design, and turning over the soil every year [...]

22nd May 2015

Compact gardening – Part 5

Today you’ll learn how to draw up seedlings directly from seeds, how to take care of young plants and how to choose plants if you prefer buying them directly from a garden center. Seedlings and young plants are sensitive and need extra care to thrive and grow into strong and productive [...]

19th May 2015

Compact gardening – Part 4

I hope it’s going good with your compact garden design so far! Today’s article will give you knowledge about how to work with shapes to be able to fit in more plants on a smaller space and how to work with layers (also called stacking). This helps you utilize the different functions [...]

15th May 2015

Compact gardening – Part 3

When you have limited space available for your garden it is important that you maximize the use of the space. A thorough plan will save you a lot of time and effort in the future. That said, you are free to change things on the way! Over time you will see what works and what can be improved. Some [...]

7th May 2015

Compact gardening – Part 2

Today I’ll talk about some methods which can be used when choosing plants for your garden. Of course you will want to choose plants that you find tasty to eat, are useful for some other purpose and/or look pretty. But there are some other factors that need to be taken into consideration. [...]

1st May 2015

Compact gardening – Part 1

This is part one in a series of articles on the subject compact gardening. I will show a number of different techniques, design methods and tips for you to be able to plan and plant your own garden – regardless of the size of land you have access to (even for no land at all). Compact [...]

24th April 2015

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