Creative October Challenge 2017

October is coming up and so is the Creative October Challenge 2017! For the third time in a row we’re getting together to be creative without spending money on new materials, tools or other resources. If you’re not familiar with this creative no-buy challenge yet you will find all the [...]

27th September 2017

Historical Hand Sewing Tutorial 1 – Materials

Hand sewing tutorials for history freaks Welcome to part one of my historical hand sewing tutorial series! In these articles I will write about materials and techniques used when sewing clothes and accessories in past times when there were no sewing machines. My main focus is Viking and medieval [...]

8th January 2016

Merged in symbolism

Symbolism taking physical form I have started working on my stage costume for the first live appearance with V-kaos. First up is a brooch or pendant for a necklace that I will embroider on black cloth with silver thread and then stabilize with a piece of wood or metal on the back. I’m using a [...]

5th January 2016

Crafted in October

Here is a quick update on the items I have been crafting in October. I have only been using materials I already owned as part of my consumption free October experiment. The items I have been making have largely been hand made, which means I haven’t finished as much as I would have if I was [...]

27th October 2015

A 13th century surcot in progress

Currently I’m working on a surcot – a sleeveless dress – for my 13th century garb. Since the yearly knight’s dinner (Rittermal) in my reenactment group is taking place on the 7th of November I wanted to have something a bit fancier than my peasant’s clothing to wear. A [...]

20th October 2015

Of Textiles and Blood

This post should really be called “Of Focus” – but the focus here is textiles & blood. A showcase of what has been taking up my time and focus the last days. Yes, it is real pigs blood on the dress. No, it doesn’t smell – yet. It will not be washed. It will [...]

10th July 2015

Mittens part 5

Today just a quick update on the mittens. The first dragon is soon done and later today I’ll continue on the second one. It’s turning out quite nice, but in some parts it would have been good with a slightly thicker yarn for the black [...]

9th December 2014

Mittens part 4

First I had the idea to only use couching of the outlines of the embroidery pattern as decoration of the mittens, but since I have quite a lot of silk thread lying around that I haven’t been using, I decided to fill out the whole pattern to add more colour. I’m trying split stitch for [...]

8th December 2014

Mittens part 3

I tacked together one of the wadmal mittens just to try out that it fit properly before proceeding with the remaining steps. Since all was fine I took it apart again to start on another crucial part – the decoration! I’m using a pattern that was included in the embroidery instruction [...]

5th December 2014

Mittens part 2

Today I started on the real mittens. I’m still sticking to shorter descriptions since I want to summarize it all in one larger how-to post describing all steps in detail. First of all I had to adjust the small issues with the original pattern, namely widen the thumb part in one place and add [...]

4th December 2014

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