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The small cabin by the lake

In December I went up to Sweden to spend some time in a remote cabin. I had felt this longing for a place off from most of the modern noise and chatter, a place to listen inwards and really pay attention to what’s going on – both within myself and in the world around me. I got the [...]

5th February 2017

December Moments

I have decided to loosely follow the December Reflections 2016 Instagram challenge by Susannah Conway. I will not do every day of the challenge, but when I feel that the theme of the day speaks to me I’ll take a photo or use an existing one. I will be posting them here in this blog post as [...]

2nd December 2016

Searching my roots for silence

Dig deeper. Ask yourself what hides beneath the surface. Do not fear. Do not stop. Face it straight on and hear it roar in your face. Once it stops. If you still stand. The fire will grow stronger. The light will rise beyond your inner horizon. Frozen you will see the light. Frozen you will know. [...]

1st December 2016

As darkness falls

As darkness falls the trees show their inner essence. They breathe slowly as you rush by and forget to greet them. They sigh, knowing that some of us will never listen to what they have to say. We speak through fire but fail to see the fuel being obliterated with each bursting flame. Each flame a [...]

24th November 2016

Of Textures & Flows

Withering away. Absorbed in textures & flows. Radiating where everything else is dying. A blurry vision. Carried away by violent waters. A still mirror image. Where you cannot hide beneath the surface. Thirsty you stretch out your arms. In a crowd, desperate, unhearing. Hiding, watching, where [...]

8th September 2016

Internal Crossroads

When the inner voice starts dreaming of lost dark forests. Visions of old times. Stillness. Silence. In a world where you can no longer hear your own heartbeat. It is hard to see clearly. It is difficult to see through the fog, to view the true nature of things. The whispering winds, are they [...]

14th July 2016

A cryptic spring tale

The place where my voice was silenced is opening up my black heart. Spilling out the sticky tar, the memories of time lost and spent. Drilling holes into the wood to seek shelter. Newborn in judgement. Listening. Moving. The angelic numbers of fullfilment combined. Viewing myself in a new light [...]

10th April 2016

Merged in symbolism

Symbolism taking physical form I have started working on my stage costume for the first live appearance with V-kaos. First up is a brooch or pendant for a necklace that I will embroider on black cloth with silver thread and then stabilize with a piece of wood or metal on the back. I’m using a [...]

5th January 2016

Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016!

Tomorrow it’s time for me to do my yearly evaluation where I sum up 2015 and plan what I wish to achieve and experience in 2016. Although I have been making yearly plans for some time now, I haven’t really followed a certain formula when doing it previously. One year I was mindmapping [...]

1st January 2016

The small things that make up the whole

The beauty of the small things Look around you. What do you see? Have you really stopped and observed something small today? Really looked at the details? Stepping out of the tunnel vision to see with a crystal clear eye. Focusing on the tiniest object to see a new world. A world that can be [...]

8th December 2015

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