Midvinterblot – Winter Solstice celebration 2015

Yesterday it was time for my yearly Midvinterblot (Winter Solstice) celebration. However pagan that may sound, my celebration has little to do with sacrificing pigs, horses, humans and hanging them up in trees… The only thing I hung up in a tree was a gift for the birds in the woods. For me [...]

22nd December 2015

Recipe 8 – Swedish gingerbread

In Sweden the 9th of December is the gingerbread day (pepparkakans dag) so if you wish to celebrate that, here is a good recipe to get started. This idea was create a few years ago by Annas, one of the largest manufacturers of gingerbread in Sweden. Apparently they’re making a limited edition [...]

4th December 2015

Decorations for the holiday season

Decorations for the anti-christmas freak As you might know from my earlier posts, I’m not the typical celebrator of Christmas. For several years I avoided it almost completely, but I have found my way to build up some traditions of my own that make sense to my (slightly complicated) world [...]

1st December 2015