Creative October Challenge 2017

October is coming up and so is the Creative October Challenge 2017! For the third time in a row we’re getting together to be creative without spending money on new materials, tools or other resources. If you’re not familiar with this creative no-buy challenge yet you will find all the [...]

27th September 2017

Creative October Challenge coming up

Yes, it’s still August over here but this time I want to announce this well in advance to make sure that you also join the Creative October Challenge! Edit: The Creative October Facebook group is now open. Click on the pic below to join! Last year I decided to make October a month to focus on [...]

11th August 2016

Conscious consumption – How do you consume? – part 3

How can you switch to a more conscious consumption? Christmas shopping is blasting right now. I find it a good time to think about how and why we consume and how it is possible to change the way we consume into a more conscious consumption. Every year the business world is aiming for higher and [...]

15th December 2015

Permaculture in 90 minutes

Introduction by Veronica: Some months ago I was contacted by Dorothy Estrada who had found when looking for Permaculture projects in the regions around Stuttgart and Pforzheim. I found it really nice to meet someone who is also into Permaculture and sustainable life and we had a great [...]

20th November 2015

Write your own fairytale

Write your own fairytale, not the one of others This week I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of consumption, luxury and living your dreams – but perhaps not from the perspective of being lazy on a tropical island “sipping coconuts” as the guys in the Lambogoal podcast [...]

28th August 2015