Swedish cooking

Recipe 13: Pasta sauce

Another recipe from the old cookbook from Småland. I guess this pasta sauce felt a bit “exotic” at the time since it contains corn, but today I guess it would pass as something to cook any day of the week. The rating I would give this one is a 3+. It’s OK, but nothing amazing [...]

9th June 2016

Recipe 11: Simple fish soup

This quick and simple fish soup will warm you on a cool day. This time I had two help chefs assisting me in the kitchen. We talked about starting to rate the recipes and give some more of our opinions on them. Not all of what is presented in this old Swedish cookbook are recipes that I would [...]

19th May 2016

Recipe 10 – Quick and simple 4 ingredient meatloaf

Today it’s cooking time for lazy people again. I have no clue who “Hubbe” was, but he sure knew how to cook a delicious meatloaf dish with very simple means. I laughed a bit when seeing the ingredient onion soup powder in the recipe, but I quickly figured out that it’s [...]

22nd January 2016

Recipe 6 – Cut chocolate cookies

Chocolate cookies that are super simple and quick to bake Today I’m making a true Swedish classic. A straight translation of the name would be “chocolate cuts”, but I guess calling them cut chocolate cookies sounds better. They are so simple to make that even people who say they [...]

24th November 2015

Recipe 5 – Salmon rolls gourmet

These Salmon rolls are a quick and easy starter that anyone can make. They can be served directly after preparation, but I found that they taste even better if they are left in the fridge for a couple of hours. A nice starter with flavors taken from the traditional Swedish smorgasbord. Salmon rolls [...]

13th November 2015

Mulled Wine – Glögg in three different varieties

Here are three recipes of mulled wine that I have developed through experimenting with different types of wine and spices over the years. It’s the perfect winter drink for evenings in front of the fireplace. I used to sell these three types in my previous project Quinta da Mandrágora in [...]

27th November 2014