Terrace garden

Changes in my compact garden 2016

For those of you doing some compact or urban gardening, or any sort of gardening actually, I’d like to remind you of my earlier article about some mistakes I did in 2015 in my terrace garden. It contains some tips that can be useful if you wish to avoid some common errors such as soil drying [...]

2nd June 2016

Last harvest for the season

The nights are getting colder over here. To save the last tomatoes and chili plants from being taken by the frost I decided to clear out the garden beds and prepare the garden for winter. First of all I started with harvesting the remaining tomatoes. As you can see on the picture above, not all of [...]

9th October 2015

Terrace garden planning 2015

The planning and planting for the 2015 gardening season has started! A couple of weeks ago I planted the seeds of some different kinds of lettuce, spinach, chilies and pumpkin. The chili seeds I got from my sister-in-law who had saved them from her own plants. The pumpkin seeds I saved myself last [...]

3rd March 2015