Historical Hand Sewing Tutorial 1 – Materials

Hand sewing tutorials for history freaks Welcome to part one of my historical hand sewing tutorial series! In these articles I will write about materials and techniques used when sewing clothes and accessories in past times when there were no sewing machines. My main focus is Viking and medieval [...]

8th January 2016

Tutorial – Simple Reversible Shoulder Bag

Today I’ll show you how to sew a shoulder bag similar to the one I showed in the blog post earlier this week. It’s a small, practical shoulder bag that fits most items you may need for a night out (wallet, phone, keys, handkerchiefs etc), well, at least I’m not the type that [...]

30th October 2015

Audiovisual productions and crafts day

Today I have been filming the material I need for the first tutorial. I also recorded a temporary audio version of the script to use as a guide when editing the video. It’s easy to be a time optimist when you work on this kind of production. Lesson number one to learn is that it will take at [...]

7th August 2015

Hand sewing tutorials in the making

The script for the first tutorial video is done and I’m currently rehearsing the timing to make sure the tempo of what I show fits well together with the explanations. As I mentioned in the last article I will overdub the script after recording and editing the video. This will make me able to [...]

4th August 2015

Video tests

I’ve started to experiment with filming while I’m doing some crafts. Over the coming weeks I will start publishing short tutorial videos which I hope will be appreciated. There are some out there already, but many are a few years old, lack the needed quality to see what is happening [...]

31st July 2015