Walking the paths of the Vikings in Hedeby

Earlier this year in May I went for a road trip up to Sweden. The aim was to hang out with friends for a bit, explore parts of Sweden I hadn’t seen for a long time and some I never visited before. Another goal was to pick up my last remaining belongings from my childhood home. I guess it was [...]

9th August 2017

Tablet weaving course in Uppsala

Last weekend I visited a tablet weaving course in Uppsala, Sweden. I have wanted to learn this technique for a long time but never took the time to struggle through the instructions I had lying around. I thought it would be more efficient and fun to visit a course with an experienced teacher and [...]

23rd February 2016

Historical Hand Sewing Tutorial 1 – Materials

Hand sewing tutorials for history freaks Welcome to part one of my historical hand sewing tutorial series! In these articles I will write about materials and techniques used when sewing clothes and accessories in past times when there were no sewing machines. My main focus is Viking and medieval [...]

8th January 2016

Merged in symbolism

Symbolism taking physical form I have started working on my stage costume for the first live appearance with V-kaos. First up is a brooch or pendant for a necklace that I will embroider on black cloth with silver thread and then stabilize with a piece of wood or metal on the back. I’m using a [...]

5th January 2016

Naalbinding progress

A few days ago I finished my first proper naalbinding garment ever – a wrist warmer in relatively thin undyed woll which I got myself on the Bad Wildbad medieval fair from one of the representatives of Das Goldene Vlies – a cooperative promoting local products from the Coburger [...]

6th October 2015

Naalbinding – first attempts

This week I really needed some time off from the computer and decided to try to get a hang of naalbinding (nålbindning) again. I have been shown how to do it twice (!) by two different friends, but I always managed to forget one crucial step to be able to do more than just long chains of yarn. I [...]

4th September 2015

Medieval nerdery

Today it’s time to put on my old Viking/early medieval clothes and get going to meet up with the other guys from the reenactment group I participate in. There’s a medieval Christmas market downtown and we’re hanging out there for some drinks by the fire. Not the most authentic [...]

23rd December 2014

Mittens part 5

Today just a quick update on the mittens. The first dragon is soon done and later today I’ll continue on the second one. It’s turning out quite nice, but in some parts it would have been good with a slightly thicker yarn for the black [...]

9th December 2014

Mittens part 4

First I had the idea to only use couching of the outlines of the embroidery pattern as decoration of the mittens, but since I have quite a lot of silk thread lying around that I haven’t been using, I decided to fill out the whole pattern to add more colour. I’m trying split stitch for [...]

8th December 2014

Mittens part 3

I tacked together one of the wadmal mittens just to try out that it fit properly before proceeding with the remaining steps. Since all was fine I took it apart again to start on another crucial part – the decoration! I’m using a pattern that was included in the embroidery instruction [...]

5th December 2014

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