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Sepp Holzer book the rebel farmer

The last days I have been reading a very inspiring book called The Rebel Farmer by Sepp Holzer (I’m reading it in the original German language where the title is Der Agrar-Rebell).

This book describes how he has fought his way through life building up an amazing farm high up in the Austrian alps. But the book is so much more than anecdotes about fighting silly laws and regulations, going against what should be possible according to “traditional” farming methods and people’s preconceptions in farming as well as ways of life. It’s a book about a person with a huge determination and perseverance – whatever happens.

I already found this guy very inspiring before I started reading the book and now I have even more respect for his farming methods and the fact that he has been willing to try out so many different things. Instead of listening to others telling him what is possible and not he has observed, analyzed and then tried things for himself. Sometimes with success, other times failing – but always willing to try instead of just accepting that things are a certain way just because a book or authority said so.

After finishing reading this one I also got myself his other book (available in English here as a PDF, but if you like it I suggest you buy the book) as well as another one about systematic Permaculture design. I will try to fit in a visit to his farm Krameterhof in summer this year to either attend a day tour or a 4 day course. I have wanted to see this place for a long time and this year I intend to make it happen.

There are a lot of lessons to learn from this guy, regardless if you’re interested in farming or not. In my opinion he has quite healthy views on how you could create a sustainable and healthy society overall. But I bet he can be quite a pain in the ass too, stubborn as he appears to be…

If you have a bit of time you should check out the video below where his son is explaining some about their farming methods and what they have achieved in a climate where most people only grow pine trees.

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