Medieval fair Großbottwar 2015

Großbottwar is a small town in the Ludwigsburg district in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. The area has been inhabited at least since the stone age and was occupied by the Romans. The city itself was founded sometime in the mid 13th century and since it hasn’t been damaged by the [...]

29th September 2015

Medieval fair Bad Wildbad 2015

Bad Wildbad is an idyllic village situated in northern Black Forest. It’s well known for its thermal waters and has several spa’s, among which the Palais Thermal probably is the most famous one. This majestic mid 19th century building actually has a much older history than that. Its [...]

22nd September 2015

Gartenschau Mühlacker 2015

The Gartenschau Mühlacker is a garden exhibition right in the center of the small town of Mühlacker next to the river Enz in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The exhibition is over for this year, but I would recommend a visit during the next season. The exhibition is normally open from mid May until [...]

18th September 2015

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

The Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald is a path consisting of platforms and a wood tower where you walk high up among and above the tree tops. It’s situated on the hill above the small town of Bad Wildbad in northern Black Forest. The path up to the tower has some stations informing about the [...]

28th July 2015

New Camera – New Inspiration

I finally managed to purchase a camera with all the functions I need to be able to produce videos of the quality I want for the upcoming tutorials, courses and probably also some interviews later. I have wanted to have a proper DSLR for years but only now I could fit it into my budget and found [...]

24th July 2015

Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg

Here are a few pictures from last week when I visited the Blühendes Barock exhibition in the Ludwigsburg castle park. I guess the perfect time to go there would be in June to see all the roses in full bloom, but definitely worthwhile [...]

14th July 2015

Historisches Altstadtfest Kenzingen 2015

I’m back from the hottest weekend in ages. Standing on stage in full sun, dressed in a wool dress when it’s 38 degrees Celcius in the shadow isn’t really something I can recommend. But besides that I had a great time at the market. The church next to the camp had really beautiful [...]

7th July 2015

Urban garden in Pforzheim

Not #mycompactgarden, but one that belongs to many. I passed by the square next to the town hall and the city library in Pforzheim today and was thrilled to see that they have planted a large surface of edible plants! I love this kind of initiative since it shows people that you can grow something [...]

28th April 2015

Visit at Rökstadtorpet

Welcome back to! I took a break in January (and most of February) to recharge a bit and work on new material. Those tutorials I promised are coming. But first I would like to share with you a bit of what I did in January. In early January I traveled up to Sweden to master the latest [...]

26th January 2015

Snow 2.0

It’s getting better! Now around 15-20 cm snow in the woods and temperatures have dropped to -5. Proper [...]

28th December 2014

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