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Flowers of Evil - Upcycled tote bag

Today I’m trying something new here. For years I have wanted to gather up the courage to start selling a few products of my own but always felt it was somehow “intrusive” or thinking “nobody will care”…
But without trying, how would I know?

Sure, I did help out setting up Aqva Regia together with my friend AC a couple of years ago, but I didn’t get so much involved with the production at the time. But this is actually an idea I have had for far longer than that, so now it’s time to get going and really try it out.
Flowers of Evil - front tote bag

“Flowers of Evil”

Update: This bag is no longer available.

First up is this one of a kind flower camo tote bag named “Flowers of Evil” (from the 1971 album by Mountain, not the Beaudelaire book). Yeah, why not give a bag a name? It feels a bit more personal and I always laughed around at the flowery pattern hidden in the camouflage from the start. Sort of fits my personality I guess. 😉

I made it using fabric from one of my favorite pairs of pants. I wore them until they more or less fell apart, but the pieces used in the bag are in good condition of course. The bag is around 24 cm wide and 26 cm high, lined with fabric from another pair of pants and the shoulder strap is made out of a green canvas strap that has been lying around in my fabric stash for ages. A perfect bag for a quick tour on town or a night out (at least for a metal pub or similar). Your wallet and smartphone would fit in the bigger pockets on the outside.

The fabric is cotton so you can wash it in a normal washing machine at 40 degrees.

Update: This bag is no longer available.

If you like it, you can buy it from my quickly set up shop: hyperbrainme.bigcartel.com Shipping is included in the price.
Backside Flowers of Evil upcycled tote bag
You might recognize the basic model from the reversible shoulder bag tutorial that I posted last year. I have a few of these bags myself and I use them every week. It’s a really practical model and size and quite easy to make. So feel free to try it out yourself if you have some fabric or old garments lying around that you could turn into something new.

Where will the money go?

This is a first experiment to see if there’s an interest in my creations. If it works out my plan is to expand this into a proper shop where I’ll sell some craft supplies, eco-friendly products and various upcycled items. But I’ll start with my own creations first – also to make something out of materials that have been lying around for far too long.

The whole profit of these sales will go to my planned future Permaculture farm and course center. This is something I have been working towards for years and now I’m stepping it up in terms of organizing financing and finding the right property. I can’t reveal where and when just yet, but it’s happening within the coming years. Meanwhile I’m saving up as much as I can to minimize the credit I’ll need to take and also put some aside for maintenance.

Shortly put: If you’re buying something from me you’re supporting the process of turning hyperbrain.me into a real physical course center for Permaculture, green living, crafts and if anyone wants singing or piano lessons again I’d offer that too of course!
Closeup shoulder strap of Flowers of Evil upcycled tote bag

Custom orders welcome

If you have an idea for an item that you would like to have custom made, crafts materials you’d buy from the future shop or other “green” products you could have use for, comment below or contact me to let me know. There will be a focus on sustainability in the shop to fit together with the rest of the theme here of course.

I hope that you like this idea, maybe want to buy the bag or just keep an eye out for the next item. I’ll present another bag in a day or two and then let’s see what’s up next.

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