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I’ve started to experiment with filming while I’m doing some crafts. Over the coming weeks I will start publishing short tutorial videos which I hope will be appreciated. There are some out there already, but many are a few years old, lack the needed quality to see what is happening properly and many instructors hurry through the steps, which makes it hard for beginners to follow.

Just because you know how to do something yourself it doesn’t mean that others will understand it if you just show it quickly. Slow step-by-step instructions with each detail clearly explained is the way to go.

Here are a couple of challenges I’ve encountered during my first test filmings:

1: Making sure that your hands and the items you work on are in focus when using a camera without an articulating LCD screen.

Solution: Film from the other direction. Not the way I set it up on these pictures. This will make me able to watch what I’m doing in real time and adjust the height and position of my hands to be within the focused area of the frame. The autofocus settings are too sensitive and will jump between my hands and items on the table constantly. Manual focus is the way to go when creating nice looking videos of this type.
2: Adequate lighting.

Solution: I can probably setup a temporary solution with lights I have at home, but I really do need a proper video light to make the end result look professional. The main problem with existing videos in these categories is usually bad lighting and low-resolution videos. It’s crucial to make sure the lighting is strong enough to see details when you’re showing people sewing stitches and similar skills. Same thing with the resolution – make sure you have full HD quality available.

3: Remembering to show each step slowly and clearly.

Solution: Plan ahead. Write a proper script where every step is included and follow it while filming, even if the audio will be replaced afterwards. Adjust the tempo to beginners and stop at crucial steps to explain them in detail.

So, this is what I plan on doing to produce material that is both useful and nice looking.

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