Welcome back!

Hope you like the new look of the site!

Welcome back

Welcome back to the new version of Hyperbrain.me!

I really hope that you like the new look and feel of the site. I’m still working on some last details in the layout and setup of the categories, but all articles worth moving from the old system have been migrated.

Do real things!

In the coming days I will be updating with a more new material. Right now the focus is creating articles that inspire you to get away from the computer. It’s one of the big reasons why I created this site in the first place.

I want it to inspire you to do things in the real world, meet real people and visit real places. I’m using it as a tool to do make sure I do exactly that myself. The Internet should be used for inspiration and for learning things, not for spending hours scrolling away “information” you didn’t want to read/see in the first place.

Share your journey

Do you have something you would like to do or learn but feel you lack the motivation to pursue it regularly? Become a guest blogger here and write about your struggles and progress! Having an audience is a great way to make sure you commit to what you set up for yourself. Write to me via contact@hyperbrain.me or comment below if you have a suggestion.

Let me know what YOU want!

I would also love some feedback on the site and what you would like to read about. Let me know what YOU want on Hyperbrain.me!

Sign up for the newsletter

I also recommend that you sign up for our weekly newsletter! There you will get access to what’s going on behind the scenes, the chance to become a beta tester (for free!) once the online teaching platform is configured and some bonus materials only available for subscribers. Fill out your email address in the form below:

Once again – welcome back and let’s learn more, do more and be more together!

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