Write your own fairytale

A story well worth reading - for yourself and others.

Write your own fairytale

Write your own fairytale, not the one of others

This week I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of consumption, luxury and living your dreams – but perhaps not from the perspective of being lazy on a tropical island “sipping coconuts” as the guys in the Lambogoal podcast usually say.

I have been thinking about it from a sustainable perspective. How do we build up our dream reality in a sustainable way? Where do we want to be? How can we live to have a clean conscience, without lowering our standards or not fulfilling our wishes?

I am trying to build such a life bit by bit where I am now. And since I live in the “western world” (whatever that means on a globe…) I’m automatically living in a non-sustainable way if I don’t take care. It takes time and it takes well-considered choices in every day life to get away from this. It’s so easy to get carried away just because you want things to happen quickly – especially if you are an impatient person. Patience and long perspectives truly are virtues…

One key phrase that kept repeating in my mind the last days was “Write your own fairytale”. If you start thinking of your life as a fairytale the perspective changes. You can write it just the way you like. Big dreams are allowed. Being impractical is permitted. But you need to dream in a way which is not only good for yourself in a short sighted perspective. To have sustainable “success” (call that happiness or reaching your goals – it’s up to you), you need to find a balance between the fairytale and the impact it has on your surroundings.

I write my own fairytale and I’m trying to apply it to everything I do. Part of it I share here. And I have to write a really amazing story to make sure others want to read it.

What are you writing into your fairytale? Is it amazing enough for you? Is it written in such a way that others might want to read it too?

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